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141. The intrepid bearers of the celestial sword
    A group of Chinese scientists have something on their mind, and it does not get any darker than this.   This is a search unlike any other: It's going on in the darkness of outer space, and the hunters have no idea where their quarry is or when it will pop up. In fact they do not know what the
Keywords:     Published time:2016-03-08 11:39
142. Electic "Tornadoes" in Space Drive Disturbances Down to Earth
    New simulations show how shocks in space can trigger vortexes in Earth's magnetic field, causing magnetic disturbances that are detective from the ground.     When solar storms strike Earth, the blast of charged particles causes disturbances in our planet’s magnetic field both in space an
Keywords:     Published time:2016-01-21 16:03
143. 【BCAS】China, ESA to Jointly Explore Space Weather
    European and Chinese scientists have recommended the Solar-wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer (Smile) as their candidate for a collaborative science mission for launch in 2021.   ‘Smile’ will investigate the interaction between the Earth’s protective shield—the magnetosphere—and
Keywords:     Published time:2015-11-18 13:08
144. 【Space Weather】FEATURE ARTICLE: Operational Space Weather Service in National Space Science Center of Chinese Academy
Keywords:     Published time:2015-11-26 09:04
145. China’s scientific satellites to enter uncharted territory
 A series of scientific satellites, including one to probe dark matter, will be launched later this year and next year, said Wu Ji, director of the National Space Science Center under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).   This image provided by the Illustris Collaboration in May 2014 shows dark
Keywords:     Published time:2015-10-27 08:46
146. NSSC scientists provided evidence that scintillations can be associated with plasma blobs in the low-latitude ionosphere
    Recently, based on the scintillation data from at low latitude station and the in-situ plasma density data from ROCSAT-1 satellite, researchers from the State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, the National Space Science Center (NSSC), Wang Zheng and Prof. Shi Jiankui, as well as other colleagues
Keywords:Ionospheric scintillations;plasma blob;     Published time:2015-09-06 14:53
147. 【BCAS】Interplanetary Shocks Trigger Magnetic Field Disturbances in Geospace
Keywords:     Published time:2015-08-17 17:16
148. First study on the X-ray imaging of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves at the magnetopause
    The solar wind charge exchange (SWCX) process occurs when a high charge state solar wind ion (e.g., O7+) encounters a neutral atom or molecule (e.g., H) and picks up an electron in an excited state. The ion then emits a photon when it decays to a lower energy state and thus may lead to the sate
Keywords:Kelvin-Helmholtz instability;X-ray;MHD simulation;magnetopause boundary layer     Published time:2015-03-26 14:39
149. NSSC Scientists Reveal the Chain Response of the Magnetospheric and Ground Magnetic Field to Interplanetary Shocks
    The interplanetary (IP) shock is a kind of strong discontinuity, which can bring about significant variations of solar wind parameters during a short time interval, introducing perturbations into the geospace environment. Therefore, intensive research on the geoeffectiveness of the IP shock is
Keywords:     Published time:2015-03-26 08:48
150. Long-term Variation of the Trapped Protons in the SAA Revealed by NSSC Scientists
    Since Earth’s geomagnetic field is not a perfect dipole, the inner Van Allen radiation belt gets closer to the Earth over the South Atlantic Ocean dipping down to an altitude of 200km. This peculiar area is called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). It will leads to an increased flux of energeti
Keywords:     Published time:2015-01-30 09:39
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