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121. Chinese Meridian Program introduced prominently in Space Weather
 New Chains of Space Weather Monitoring Stations in China, written by Prof. WANG Chi, director of Space Center State Key Laboratory of Space Weather and general chief of Meridian Program, was published in America academic journal space weather and reported prominently in the website of the journal. M
Keywords:     Published time:2010-08-25 09:42
122. 38th COSPAR Assembly Held in Breman
 The 38th COSPAR Assembly was held in Bremen, Germany from July 18 to 25, 2010. JIANG Mianheng, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) attended the meeting and issued Jeoujang Jaw Award to Prof. C.T.Swift from University of Massachusetts in the opening ceremony. Jeoujang Jaw Award was w
Keywords:     Published time:2010-07-28 10:53
123. Prof. WU Ji Elected Deputy Chairman of COSPAR
 The new leadership of COSPAR was generated during the period of the 38th COSPAR Assembly on July 17th, 2010. Giovanni Bignami from Italy was elected as the chairman of COSPAR. Chinese Scientist WU Ji and America scientist Robert Lin were commonly elected as the deputy chairman. It is the first time
Keywords:     Published time:2010-07-19 11:15
124. The Second joint COSPAR/CAS Jeoujang Jaw Award Review Meeting Held
 CSSAR---The Second review meeting of COSPAR/CAS Jeoujang Jaw Award was held in Chinese Academy of Sciences on May 6th, 2010. JIANG Mianheng, Vice President of CAS,chaired the review. Prof. WU Ji, secretary general of CNCOSPAR and 11 Academicians attended the conference. The review board selected
Keywords:     Published time:2010-05-26 11:13
125. Prof. WU Ji Honored with Certificate for Contributions to Success of IHY
 Prof. WU Ji, Director of Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSSAR), was honored with a certificate for his creation vision, outstanding leadership, and significant contributions to the success of the International Heliophysical Year 2007. The International He
Keywords:     Published time:2010-05-24 07:58
126. The Third China-Japan Information and Communications Technology Forum Held
 The Third China-Japan Information and Communications Technology Forum 2010, jointly organized by Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CSSAR) and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT), was held in Tokyo, Japan from 21-23 April,2010
Keywords:     Published time:2010-04-27 17:10
127. Observation of Deep Dielectric Discharging from a Simulated Spacecraft Component by SEELab
 Deep dielectric charging and discharging resulted from high energy penetrating electrons in space, is one of the key anomaly causes for GEO and MEO spacecrafts, which provide navigation, communication and weather services. Unfortunately, the process and mechanism of deep dielectric discharging in co
Keywords:     Published time:2010-04-21 16:14
128. INPE Director Visits CSSAR
 A delegation from Brazil Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) visited Center for Space Science and Applied Research (CSSAR), Chinese Academy of Sciences on March 19th, 2010. Prof. WU Ji, director of CSSAR and some researchers met them. Prof. WU Ji shown his warm welcome to this delegatio
Keywords:     Published time:2010-03-25 16:29
129. Dr. Werner Magnes from Austria Academy of Sciences Delivers Report in CSSAR
 Dr. Werner Magnes from Austria Academy of Sciences delivered a report in the center for space science and applied research(CSSAR)on March 9, 2010. His topic is CDSM——A New Scalar Magnetometer, which introduced briefly the function principle and electronics design of CDSM, a New Scalar Magnetomet
Keywords:     Published time:2010-03-16 14:10
130. Special High Performance Computing Platform for Meridian Project Built
    Special high performance computing platform consists of 1024 computing nodes, with Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz quad-core processors and 2 GB main memory. The combined theoretical peak of this system is about 12.28 TFLOPS. Both fast Ethernet management network (Ruijie RG-S7600 series) and Infiniband comp
Keywords:     Published time:2010-03-11 17:04
131. Prof. Bonnet was granted the Award for International Scientific Cooperation of CAS
  In the closing ceremony of anunal work meeting of CAS in 2009, three foreign scientists were granted the Award for International Scientific Cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Jan.27, 2010. Roger Maurice Bonnet, chairman of COSPAR, recommened by CSSAR received this honor and consequentl
Keywords:     Published time:2010-02-04 17:54
132. JAXA Delegation visited CSSAR
 JAXA delegation consisting of 10 people visited CSSAR recently. Wu Ji, director of CSSAR and several researchers attended the conference. Akira Awasawa, minister of the International Affairs Department introduced the space research organization and policy of Japan as well as JAXA. Wu Ji, director o
Keywords:     Published time:2010-01-21 16:15
133. Sino-Russian Joint Mars Exploration Scientific Workshop Held
 Sino-Russian joint Mars exploration scientific team workshop was held in the center for space science and applied research (CSSAR) on December 29, 2009. It was chaired by WANG Chi, chief engineer of Sino-Russian joint Mars exploration scientific application system. Prof. WU Ji, director of CSSAR sta
Keywords:     Published time:2010-01-14 11:22
134. Volker Liebig, ESA deputy director visits CSSAR
   On the morning of October 28, Volker Liebig, deputy director of the European Space Agency, visited CSSAR. Wu Ji, director of CSSAR, Liu Bo, deputy director of CSSAR, Liu Heguang, assistant director and part of the researchers of the Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory joined the meet
Keywords:     Published time:2009-11-18 16:52
135. A Special Lecture to the Young
 CSSAR--Recently, the Youth League Committee of CSSAR and Space Institute invited academician Ye Peijian, chief commander and chief designer of Chang'e-1 lunar satellite, to give a special lecture to the young workers and the graduate students of CSSAR. Academician Ye told the audience the importance
Keywords:     Published time:2009-07-27 09:38
136. Ninth Russia-China Symposium on Space Weather was held in Russia
 CSSAR--The Ninth Russia-China Symposium on Space Weather was held in Irkutsk,the capital of Eastern Siberia, during June 22nd to 27th. The symposium was sponsored by China-Russia Joint Research Center on Space Weather (hereinafter referred to as the "Center").  Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) sig
Keywords:     Published time:2009-07-08 09:37
137. The Activities for Public Science Day
 CSSAR--On May 16, Center for Space Science and Applied Research (CSSAR) welcomed 50 middle school students and 80 primary school students to receive science education with “Approaching the Space Science” as its theme, actively responding to the public science day activities carried out by the Chin
Keywords:     Published time:2009-05-16 09:35
138. The 8th Cross-strait Seminar on Space Science was Successfully Held
 CSSAR--The 8th Cross-strait Seminar on Space Science was successfully held in Huangshan, Anhui Province on September 1-5, 2008. The topic of the seminar was the space science and application. The objectives of the seminar were to: 1) understand the international development tendency of the space sci
Keywords:     Published time:2009-05-05 00:00
139. The Municipal Government of Toulouse Awarded Wu Ji and Cao Jinbin Medal of Honor
 CSSAR--Recently, Professor Henri Reme of Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements (CESR) awarded the Director of CSSAR Wu Ji and the research fellow Cao Jinbin the Toulouse Medal of Honor on behalf of the Municipal Government of Toulouse for their contribution to space science.Toulouse, which locate
Keywords:     Published time:2009-05-05 00:00
140. CSSAR Holds 2009 Annual Work Conference
 February 13~14 (2009) -- CSSAR held its 2009 annual work conference in Beijing. The 70-plus attendants included CSSAR director Wu Ji, CSSAR CCP committee secretary and vice director Li Yong Hai, vice directors Liu Bo and Wang Chi, CCP committee vice secretary and CCP discipline inspection secretary
Keywords:     Published time:2009-02-16 09:34
141. CAS President Lu Yongxiang Inspects CSSAR Hainan Rocket Sounding Department
 CSSAR--February 2 (2009) , Mr. Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman of NPC standing committee and president of CAS, inspected CSSAR Hainan Rocket Sounding Department, accompanied by Kang Yaohong – vice director of Hainan province NPC standing committee, and Tian Jing – head of CAS Bureau of High-Tech Resear...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-02-03 09:33
142. CSSAR Holds 2008 Annual Conference of Work Summaries and Award Ceremony
 CSSAR--January 16 (2009), CSSAR held its annual conference of 2008 work summaries and award ceremony. The conference released comprehensive reviews and summaries of CSSAR's various missions and tasks in 2008, celebrated the receptions of excellent performance awards by outstanding collectives and indiv...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-01-19 09:32
143. CSSAR and Yanshan University Sign Cooperation Agreement to Establish Joint Lab
 December 17, 2008, A cooperation agreement to establish a Joint Laboratory for Space Science & High-Tech Application, based in Yanshan University, was signed during a ceremony at CSSAR. The following leaders attended the signing ceremony: CCP Yanshan University committee secretary Meng Weidong, Yanshan...
Keywords:     Published time:2008-12-18 09:32
144. CSSAR Discussed Strategic Cooperation with Relevant Organizations of CMA
 CSSAR--On Dec. 12, 2008, 16 staffs of CSSAR comprising the Director Wu Ji, the Deputy Director Liu Bo and related leaders visited the Meteorological Observation Centre and National Satellite Meteorological Center of China Meteorological Administration. Both parties discussed about the current cooperati...
Keywords:     Published time:2008-12-15 09:30
145. Conference of 50th Anniversary of Founding of CSSAR was Held
 CSSAR--The Conference of 50th Anniversary of Founding of CSSAR was held on November 28, 2008. The Deputy Director of CAS Zhan Wenlong, the Director of China National Space Administration (CNSA) and Deputy Director of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (SASTIND...
Keywords:     Published time:2008-11-28 09:28
146. 2008 Asia and Pacific IHY School Started
 CSSAR--The 2008 Asia and Pacific International Heliophysical Year (IHY) School Summer Campus, sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Space Weather of CSSAR of CAS, successfully started in Beijing on October 20th. The school was another important activity of IHY for China as the general coordination c...
Keywords:     Published time:2008-10-23 09:25
147. CSSAR Signed Cooperation Agreements on Space Science and Technology with UK
 CSSAR--The delegation of CSSAR, headed by the Director Wu Ji, presented the 4th China-UK Workshop on Space Science and Technology in Changsha, Hunan Province in mid-October 2008 and signed with UK several project cooperation agreements and letters of intent. In addition, the technicians of CSSAR made p...
Keywords:     Published time:2008-10-16 09:24
148. SEPC Convoyed Shenzhou VII
 CSSAR--The Space Environment Prediction Center (SEPC) was assigned to provide space environment prediction for Shenzhou VII during its manned space flight. According to the requirement of the assignment, SEPC started to provide space environment security prediction to the Manned Space Engineering from ...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-05-05 00:00
149. CSERF Ensured the Space Environment for Broadcast Satellites of Beijing Olympics
 CSSAR--During July 28th to September 22nd, 2008, the Center for Space Environment Research and Forecast (CSERF) of CAS organized 6 member organizations to monitor and predict space environment for secure operation of broadcast satellites of Beijing Olympics. It provided safeguard products and data of s...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-05-05 00:00
150. CSSAR Held 2008 Annual Science and Technology Conference
 CSSAR--The CSSAR of CAS held 2008 Annual Science and Technology Conference in Beijing on September 6-7, 2008. More than 80 people presented the conference including the Director of CSSAR Wu Ji, the Party Secretary Li Yonghai, the Deputy Director Liu Bo, Wang Chi, Liao Fangyu, the Assisting Director Gon...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-05-05 00:00
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