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271. CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme Open for Applications
  CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme For PhD Candidates from Developing Countries Open for Applications Introduction According to a new agreement between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Academy of Sciences for the developing world (TWAS), up to 140 students/scholars per year...
Keywords:     Published time:2013-03-14 14:39
272. 2008 International Projects
  In 2008 GIGCAS initiated international cooperative research projects as follows: (1) International cooperative partner program for innovation team “Tectonomagmatism and mineralization system”; (2) Sino-Finland cooperative program “Study of copper-bearing Emeishan basalt”; (3) IAEA trainin...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-08-06 11:44
273. GIGCAS researchers holding posts at interntional organizations
  Name of researcherName of international organizationPostFrom to EmployerOrdained in 2008? YigangInternational Association of Volcanology and Earth Interior Chemistry - Large Igneous Province CommitteeCommittee member2003-GIGCASNo XU YigangInternational Oceanic Drilling Program (IODP) – Hot Spot D...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-08-06 11:46
274. Introduction: International academic exchange and cooperation
 In 2008, GIGCAS received experts and scholars from 12 countries including USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Australia, Finland, India, Korea, Japan, and 3 regions inclusive of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, which totals 148 people times in 51 batches. Also in 2008, GIGCAS dispatched 75 p...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-09-07 21:27
275. 2008—2009 International Conferences
 In 2008 GIGCAS held successfully four international conferences and one biparty conference, which include the following: (1) Symposium on the climate and environment in the city groups in Guangdong-Hong Kong – Macau city groups; (2) International symposium on observation of persistent organic po...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-08-06 11:44
276. Education
 Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) is an institute founded in 1993 with its independent institutional system. GIGCAS now has a cohort of 273 employees, covering 162 researchers, 52 research fellows, 1 academician with Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 1 aca...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-07-16 15:40
277. History
 Brief Introduction Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) is one of the top Chinese research institutions in earth and environmental sciences. The predecessor of GIGCAS can be traced back to Institute of Geochemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was ...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-09-07 21:24
278. Dr. Yigang XU, GIGCAS Director General
     Dr. Yigang XU, GIGCAS Director General In charge of the general administrative affairs of the institute, and specifically of the strategic planning and establishment of rules, construction of talents and culture of the institute.Research professor and Ph.D. advisor. Born in October 1966. B. Sc...
Keywords:     Published time:2017-01-23 17:25
279. Dr. He Hongping, GIGCAS Deputy Director and GIGCAS CPC Inspecting Discipline Commission Secretary
    Dr. He Hongping, GIGCAS Deputy Director and GIGCAS CPC Inspecting Discipline Commission Secretary   In charge of research administration, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, talent education affairs and specifically of CPC inspecting discipline commission affairs in G...
Keywords:     Published time:2017-01-23 17:23
280. Dr. Zhang Gan, GIGCAS Deputy Director
    Dr. Gan ZHANG, GIGCAS Deputy Director   In charge of GIGCAS technology and public support system affairs, foreign affairs, and specifically of GIGCAS Changsha Survey Center for Mineral Deposits and Resources.   Research professor and Ph.D. advisor. Born in April 1967 in Liling, Hunan. B.Sc....
Keywords:     Published time:2017-01-23 17:14
281. Dr. Zhang Haixiang, GIGCAS Deputy Director
       Dr. Zhang Haixiang, GIGCAS Deputy Director   Responsibilities: finance, administration, logistician and security.   Associate research professor and master tutor. Dr. Zhang was born in 1969 in Chunan, Zhejiang. He graduated from the Department...
Keywords:     Published time:2017-01-23 17:11
282. Xia Qunyan, GIGCAS Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Secretary of Inspecting Discipline Commission
    Xia Qunyan, GIGCAS Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Secretary of Inspecting Discipline Commission   Responsibilities: Discipline Commission, CPC Committee, Library and archives, Network Center and Popular Science Society.   Xia Qunyan was born in 1964 in Wuhan, Hubei. She graduated fro...
Keywords:     Published time:2017-01-23 16:56
283. contact us
 Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences  Add: 511 Kehua Street, Wushan, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, GD 510640  Vice President: Professor XU YiGang  Fax: 020-85290130  Website: 
Keywords:     Published time:2009-07-15 16:21
284. Administration
 Strategy and Development Planning Committee Institute Affairs Committee Academic Committee | Degree Committee | Technology Committee Management Service System Comprehensive Administrative Office Human Resources Department Science and Technology Department Education Department Financial Department Pu...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-09-07 21:20
285. Address from the Director
 GIGCAS (Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences) is a state level non-profit scientific institution committed to basic and applied basic research and a key base for geochemical and environmental scientific research and related talent training. Its predecessor can be tra...
Keywords:     Published time:2009-09-07 21:18
286. CAS Annual Report
Keywords:     Published time:2009-08-05 09:57
Keywords:     Published time:2009-08-05 10:00
Keywords:     Published time:2009-08-05 09:57
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